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19 Sept 2021 3 American flag Numbers CCTV - 7 more days - Christopher Laundrie - love - he was drugging her - Christopher arrested on October 12th... 7874 10 November 2016 4 - Arrest False, Radio Show 8048342368 And More Stuff... 1397 04 April 2006 - R12 Steven Silva Was Paid 10 Million Dollars to Make It Look Like a Suicide 9785146500 Max - Dream ... 19 Sept 2021 2 7 J - numbers -  not suicide - 2 days - they did not find the note - Menace II Society... 2662 03 March 2007... 3760 05 May 2008... 11 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik located  - HEDD - a white Toyota passed him?  not runnng - hedd c?   ... Upcoming Cedar Fair Park accident, this is where and maybe why... 19 Sept 2021 4 Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7  - look again - poles... 30 July 2021 2 Eggs? New Covid E? Kills One In Three Infected People By November 16Th? - Eggs? new covid E?... 1156 02 February 2006... 4207 11 November 2009... 10853 2 August 2018 4 - It Seems This And Several Other Dreams Are Related To A Missing Woman From Ohio, Mollie Tibbetts... 14 July 2021 2 4233486060 Love  - 4233486060 love.... 4220 11 November 2009... 11328 14 November 2018 3 - Trump  Dream Number 11328 14 November 2018 3 Psychic Prediction... 28 July 2021 2 Monday, August 2Nd, 2021  - Monday, August 2nd, 2021... 501 09 September 2005... American flag Numbers CCTV - 7 more days - Christopher Laundrie - love - he was drugging her - Christopher arrested on October 12th... 11315 10 November 2018 3 - Sabrina Aisenberg Missing, Copper Pipes, Auto Garage (this Does Not Feel Like A Missing Perso... Missing man David Koenig located  places and numbers... 18 July 2021 2 Church Fire  - Church fire... 18 Sept 2021 1 Gabrielle  Petito case, cell phone?  are a mistake - Brian's exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it - this is the location of Brian L using map dousi 25 July 2021 1 Winning Lottery Numbers For The France Loto On December 18Th, 2021 - Winning lottery numbers for the Fra... 1014 02 February 2006... 10 July 2021 4 Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Police Have The Item Marks Show It Was Not An Accident Keeps Wash... 12 Sept 2021 2 Something to do with Sylvester Turner... 1398 04 April 2006 - April 28th, 2017 Killer Cop Killed in Jail, Hangs Himself? Suicide After the 40-year Sentence? Nigg... 15 Sept 2021 4 Trego Hot Springs - body found in Trego Hot Springs is related to another murder - numbers 30 July 2021 6 If You Take Off Your Shoes Without Untying Them, You Have A Specific Form Of Add That Causing Hyper Emoti... 

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Most viewed dreams - MISSING PERSONS
10853 2 August 2018 4 - It Seems This And Several Other Dreams Are Related To A Missing Woman From Ohio, Mollie Tibbetts...9 views today
Missing man David Koenig located places and numbers...7 views today
American flag Numbers CCTV - 7 more days - Christopher Laundrie - love - he was drugging her - Christopher arrested on October 12th...7 views today
10850 2 August 2018 1 - Matthew Lee Cappotel - Dream Number 10670 27 June 2018 2...3 views today
These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.3 views today
Brian L arrested tries to flee - internet stunt - Brian does not know - she knew him - Gabrielle Petito is alive in burning numbers - very unlikely but it would be the best outcome...3 views today
Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7 - look again - poles will add this to the case file...3 views today
10837 31 July 2018 2 - June 2nd 2018 France Lotto Winner From June 28th, 2018, All Number Correct This Time!! Lottery N...2 views today
Gabrielle Petito located- Fly Geyser - arrest made in fl - numbers - he still has her other phone...2 views today
Gabrielle Petito found - converted van - there is still blood - bl - she is with him on video at the Virtual Burn - numbers - arrest made- buried at this exact location - not what police think..2 views today
Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it...2 views today
Ayla Reynolds Missing Dd 2 Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - With Zero Doubt This Is the Fort Lauderdale Airportshooter...1 views today
Ayla Reynolds Missing Dd 1 Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - With Zero Doubt This Is the Fort Lauderdale Airportshooter...1 views today
Sabrina Aisenberg Missing Opened 5 4 2018 By Psychic Brian Ladd - Sabrina Aisenberg Missing Since 11.24.1997 All 5 Dds:...1 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 001 Hqdefault Found Psychic - Additional Information From 2010 to Today Regarding Otto Warmbier ...1 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 001 Maxresdefault Found Psychic - Additional Information From 2010 to Today Regarding Otto Warmb...1 views today
8059 Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts Missing - Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts Missing...1 views today
Maddox Ritch Missing Boy Found Psychic Brian Ladd 003 Hqdefault 2018 - A 6-Year-Old With Autism Vanished During A Family...1 views today
11206 18 October 2018 6 0 - Please Visit My Site News For More Details On This Case At https://brianladd.org/New...1 views today
Jayme Closs Is Still Alive 11325 11 November 2018 9 - Jayme Closs Is Still Alive In Trailer, Lacross Thee Dreams Are Fr...1 views today
Mollie Tibbetts 11390 1 December 2018 2 - Police Are Wrong And Not Paying Attention To An Item That Is Crucial In Stoppi...1 views today
11642 29 January 2019 2 - Pennington County, South Dakota (KTIV) €“ Authorities Are Searching For A Couple They Be...1 views today
11953 24 June 2019 1 - Mackenzie Lueck Found This Is The Man, Works At The Factory, Ex-Military, Plate Number, Parents G...1 views today
Missing Child Audrey Westfall Found Safe In A Car 12346 21 November 2019 3 - Missing Child Audrey Westfall Found Safe In...1 views today
The Sodder Children Maurice Martha Louis Jennie And Betty This Is The Man Responsible For The Sodder Childrens Death Her...1 views today
Maliyah Bass Found He Did This Fell Off Westcrest Drive Bridge In Houston Into Watert 13487 19 August 2020 5 - Maliyah ...1 views today
Missing Martina Lopez Found Its Way Too Cold Numbers On Walmart Cctv Dogs Not Puppy Fulton Maybe His Name Church Front D...1 views today
Stephanie Hollingsworth Found Goodwill Lake Conway He Called Her Twice Look At The Other Phone Concrete Blocks Church Th...1 views today
Missing Teen Kayla Villegas Located In Montopolis Numbers See Ma - Missing Teen Kayla Villegas Located In Montopolis - N...1 views today
Tracy Lamont Herion Missing Man Found He Was With This Off Duty Police Officer Was Hit Over And Over Numbers The Locatio...1 views today
Jaselle Diaz Missing Girl Found He Saw Her Naval Air Station Numbers For Sale Sign This Is The House In Question - Jasel...1 views today
Vanessa Cosentino Missing Woman Found By This Centennial Park Sign He Arrived At Toronto International Airport Numbers -...1 views today
14890 18 May 2021 2 - Ryan Larsen Found - She Did This, Saw The Dog, Look Again - Arrest No? Western Hills, Numbers, Wal...1 views today
Ryan Larson Missing Boy Locatedm Look Againm This Is Him Followed The Dog Was In This Container Alive Western Hills - R...1 views today
Ryan Larson Water Meets The Wood New Construction Numbers - Ryan Larson water meets the wood new Construction Numbers Ry...1 views today
Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident Don Did Not Do This Remains Fo...1 views today
Sarm Heslop Located Ryan Bane Arrested Is Not Directly Related To Her He Forced Her To Do It And She Refused More Than J...1 views today
Summer Wells located, washing hands...127 feet south of home, look again...1 views today
Missing woman Tara Calico is still alive -Wewahitchka - no basement, it was dug by hand - dead lakes - places and numbers...1 views today
Sophia Regalado missing teen found in Havenscourt - numbers...1 views today
Trego Hot Springs - body found in Trego Hot Springs is related to another murder - numbers...1 views today
Isabella Kalua found behind Bellows Mini Golf - she did this -numbers...1 views today
These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.1 views today
Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it...1 views today